Ultimately born from a conversation in Amsterdam, HELPEN (Dutch for ‘assist’) was built to form foundations of empathy and generosity in the next generation.

Driverless cars. Gene editing. Trips to Mars. It all has great promise. But explain to us why, with all of this technology, we are not focusing on the handful of years that shape us into the adults we eventually become. Why our focus is on filters and not empathy. On ‘likes’ and not kindness.

The next 15 years have the potential to be the most impactful in human history. Many of today’s children will be making decisions that will effect us all.  We believe it is time to leverage technology for humanity. It’s time to improve. Enhance. Upgrade. We aren’t going to be the answer to all of our problems, yet we can help build the moral foundation for tomorrow's leaders.

This is our chance to shape the narrative of our families and our communities. Use HELPEN to instill the values today that will show up in their leadership tomorrow.

One dinner at a time.