5 Ways to Teach Generosity This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and there’s no better time than to teach generosity and kindness to kids. But let’s be honest. Life is crazy! How are we going to find time with all that’s going on to create the lessons that are the most important?

At Helpen, we’re fortunate to be able to work with some incredible parenting experts that offer a wide range of perspectives on topics that play foundational roles in shaping today’s kids into tomorrow’s generous and empathetic leaders.

So it should be no surprise that these experts had a plethora of ideas when it came to teaching generosity during the holiday season. Check out a sample below of some quick and easy ways to teach kindness. 

Take Action
Kids love to help, and we want to teach generosity and responsibility. When we see someone who needs help, encourage them by asking them what they’d like to do. Can they buy a can of food to donate to the food drive? Do they have time to donate? Suggest they clean up a neighbors yard/shovel a driveway that isn’t able to do it themselves. Then match those efforts as well so they understand that you value helping others as well. These actions teach kids that they can make a difference. 
“Dr. G” Deborah Gilboa, MD. - Family Physician & Resilience Expert    

Shuffle Finances
Don’t make it complicated.  Just start small and start somewhere. Stop wasting. Look at what you’re spending your money on. How can you relocate some of the money you were spending on things that can help the world, help others? Talk about it with your kids and be sure to pick a path that excites your family.
Donna Tetreault - Parenting Journalist & Author of Dear Me: Letters to Myself for All of My Emotions

Model Generosity
We cannot expect our children to become more empathetic than we, ourselves as parents, are. If we show empathy in our words and actions. If we give generously to those less fortunate than we are, we authentically model generosity, empathy and kindness. Charity and generosity begins at home, with how much we can give to our children emotionally and physically, including with how much time we spend with them. 
Erica Komisar - Psychoanalyst, Columnist & Author of Chicken Little the Sky Isn't Falling: Raising Resilient Adolescents in the New Age of Anxiety

Include Them
It’s important for our kids to look beyond their needs, and consider the needs of those around them. One of the easiest and best places to plant those seeds of generosity, is at home. It’s the holiday season now! Practice giving with your kids by getting them involved when there’s a gift you need to give. Ask them to help choose it, wrap it, and then deliver it. Engage them in the whole process whenever you can. 
Lisa Sugarman - Columnist, Radio Host, & Author of How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be Ok With It

Give Them Experience
Give your kids the chance to help others right at the dinner table with Helpen. Start a new family tradition of generosity. Pick one night a week for Helpen and give your kids the opportunity to choose who they’d like to help. Use Helpen as a nudge to important conversations as a family, in your own style. Build the foundations of generosity, gratitude, and empathy that will help shape them into the generation of helpers we need them to be. Join us!

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