How Ceros saved time and engaged 72% of their employees with social impact

Founded in 2007, Ceros set out to become a platform that empowers companies to create rich, interactive digital touchpoints across their sales and marketing funnels without the need to write a single line of code.

15 years later, Ceros has powered web experiences for some of the biggest names on the planet. Red Bull. Conde Naste. HubSpot. And that success is a culmination of building a cohesive team environment, now almost 400 employees strong.

"How many other CPOs have entertained solving employee engagement using a very streamlined way to take their donation dollars and put the decision in the hands of their employees?"
Kevin Croxton - Ceros, Chief Revenue Officer

In Ceros’s remote first culture, keeping talent engaged is a priority

Ceros’s ascension is the product of one reason: its team. And like most companies, that cohesion was tested in 2020 with the pandemic. Leadership made a difficult, but steadfast decision to transition from a beautiful NYC office space to a fully remote workforce.

For Jennifer Schwalb, Ceros’s Chief People Officer, it’s a transition that has required complete focus. “Being a remote organization now, we’re very intentional around how we keep people engaged and creating that open line of communication. Figuring out how to keep those conversations going.”

And that intention is ingrained in Ceros’s culture. “A lot of what we do throughout an employee's journey is really connected to our values and we need to make sure we're looking through that lens in everything we do. We want to retain the best talent,” explains Jennifer.

"Helpen definitely saved us time. To me, the whole concept is just so easy."
Jennifer Schwalb - Ceros, Chief People Officer

Helpen streamlines corporate donations and gives employees a chance to direct those funds

Jennifer was introduced to Helpen through Ceros’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kevin Croxton. The concept of using their donation dollars to connect with their employees seemed so obvious and with so many initiatives needing her team’s attention, Jennifer relished in the simplicity of Helpen.

“Versus my team manually going about it? Helpen makes complete sense. They're not having to go out and start nonprofit relationships from scratch, building surveys for employees, or creating reports. It's just a lot of manual stuff that we don’t have to worry about,” Jennifer says. 

Kevin concurs. “If we had to do this manually, I’d imagine it would be over the course of several weeks. Tens of hours at the very least.”

"You see from the numbers. For us it was 72% engagement. I think it's going to be a no-brainer for a lot of organizations."
Jennifer Schwalb - Ceros, Chief People Officer

With Helpen, Ceros is able to understand its engagement and impact

Using Helpen, Ceros engaged 72% of its team - 51% in just the first 24 hours alone, which is 5 times the engagement of the average annual matching program. Employee engagement is often subjective, so quantifying outcomes is a unique benefit of Helpen that leadership welcomes. 

“There’s massive value here. We’re also able to communicate that we helped offset more than 800,000 pounds of CO2. That’s kind of cool to say and our employees chose where that money went. It helps in shaping Ceros’s story,” explains Kevin.

“The process was extremely streamlined and easy. It's a no-brainer if an employer makes charitable contributions,” says Jennifer. “ It's going to go a long way that our employees have a voice here.”