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Common Questions

For Families

Are we paying to donate?

No. HELPEN uses $1 donations, along with parenting content and giving recaps, as tools to help teach generosity.

Until now, teaching generosity and empathy has been left to one-off moments or seasonal giving opportunities. No habits are formed.

HELPEN is designed to let kids choose who to help and then hear the positive outcomes of those decisions right away. By working with the nonprofits, we're able to identify metrics that will help family members understand exactly how they're helping.

We studied many educational subscription plans for STEM and other subjects ranging from $25/mo to over $50/mo. Many experts are predicting that empathy and other soft skills will be determinants of success in tomorrow's economy. We created a plan that, even with micro-donations included, is well under other educational alternatives.

If you are looking to donate, we recommend sites like GoFundMe, Spotfund, or Goodnation. No affiliation. Just fans of their platforms.

Will charities get our contact information?

Nonprofits will not get your contact information. With micro-donations, it's very possible that your family supports dozens of causes over the course of a year. We understand that the solicitation could get out of hand. That being said, we are developing an innovative way for them to thank your family for its support.

What ages do you recommend for HELPEN?

Ages 5 - 11 are the prime range for HELPEN.

Please note: There are millions of children who may not find smart speakers inviting due to imperfect technology and challenges with speech. From the start, HELPEN is built to include as many families as possible. If your child is able to say their name, they will be able to use HELPEN right away.

I see you use postcards. What about sustainability?

HELPEN's mission is to shape the next generation into the generous and empathetic leaders of tomorrow. This includes having a wider circle of care, not only for people, but for our planet as well.

Our postcards come from a direct mailer that partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees wherever they are needed most in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Central America. The mailer offsets their paper consumption by planting significantly more trees than they deplete in the fulfillment of their print and mail products. Since November 2017, they've planted over 160,000 trees—more than twice the paper used for the mail sent through their platform.

HELPEN takes it a step further by making sure that your first postcards will enable your family to plant trees right away, drastically offsetting your paper consumption while on the HELPEN platform.

My card is damaged. Can you send another?

Sorry about that. Unfortunately we recognize that these cards can get scuffed up in the mail. While we are unable to prevent that right now, we are focused on finding ways to limit damage. By the time you receive your card, there's another one already being made for you. In the meantime, you can go to your profile and order a PDF version that will be emailed right away.

Why are there only three charities per card?

We usually believe we want as many choices as possible. But in truth, it becomes much more difficult to make decisions after three options. And that's for adults!

HELPEN is built on giving kids the ability to make decisions and we are able to maintain that goal by keeping it at three nonprofits.

If you'd like a different set of options or happened to have lost your card, you can go to the options in the voice experience and ask for one there. We will email a new PDF to you right away.

You can also go to your profile and request a new email as well.

Who do I contact if I have a donation issue?

If you have a donation issue, you can check out your giving session history on your profile. There you should be able to cancel any transaction.

If that doesn't help, please contact HELPEN through our contact page. Select "Donation Issue" from the dropdown menu.

Is HELPEN a nonprofit?

HELPEN is for profit C corp. We believe that it is time to prove that you can build a successful business that benefits humanity in a multitude of ways. It is an ambitious vision, but one that we believe we can pull off.

Do you record our voices?


Do you sell our personal data to third parties?

We do not sell your personal information to any third parties. Our entire business model is built around providing value to our donors and nonprofits. We make it a priority to work towards providing you with the most impactful experience with as little identifiable information as possible.

Does HELPEN store our payment information?

HELPEN is a customer of Stripe, a payment platform that securely stores your payment information. HELPEN does not have access to your payment details.

Who pays the transaction fees?

HELPEN covers all transaction fees. Each $1 will go in full to the charity of your choice.

Can we change the amount of the micro-donation?

Currently, the default amount is set to $1. In the future we may consider increasing the donation amount per giver.

Does the entire micro-donation go to the charity?

Yes. We are paying the transaction fees so that the entire donation will go to the charity.

Does HELPEN control the donations?

We use Stripe as our payment provider. So when your family gives, the platform handles the routing of your choices. We do not interfere with where your money goes.

How do you pick the charities that are included?

First, we select nonprofits that are appropriate for kids of all ages. We focus on education, animals, environment, poverty/disadvantaged, and health. We're starting off by establishing a pilot of nonprofits from across the country that have proven they can execute, but more importantly have bought in to HELPEN's mission of shaping the next generation into the leaders we need. Because of our structure, the nonprofit must agree to connect with our platform.

The foundation of HELPEN is about giving kids agency and the ability to make decisions, and equally as important, hearing the impact of those decisions.

We hope to continue to grow the nonprofit pool substantially as we move forward and include as many diverse causes and organizations as we can. That said we start from an understanding, first and foremost, that families have invited us into their homes. We understand that is a privilege we cannot take for granted. We will work tirelessly to create a system for parents that not only gives them the ability to decide what comes across their table but also when.

What is the vetting process for the nonprofits?

Trust is what our foundation is built on. In order to maintain that, significant checks will be made to insure that all charities are registered 501(c)(3) organizations. We will be using several ratings agencies including, but not limited to, Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GiveWell to ensure that the operations are legit. Additional key metrics like full time employees, annual revenue, and achievable goals will play a role in validating nonprofits. Follow up checks will be made to make sure donations are going to exactly what was promised.

Are the nonprofits you choose appropriate for all ages?

To start, yes. All nonprofits initially selected will be suitable for kids of any age. Suitability will also be reinforced by feedback from parents.

Can I customize which nonprofits I want to be on the cards?

We are starting out with a group of preselected nonprofits that will soon morph to be much more. In the coming months, we will enable you to select which main categories you would like your family to see and when.

Google Assistant is saying I need to turn on "Personal results". What do I do?

We're sorry about the delay in getting started. We can help you fix this.

First, go to your Google Home app. Click on the top right icon to pull up your profile. Then click on "Assistant settings".

Select "Devices" highlighted in blue.

Finally, choose your device and turn on "Personal results"

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to your profile and click on the subscription tab on the left hand side.".