FAQ for employers

What are the steps to using Helpen?

Helpen is super easy! You can enable your teammates to direct your corporate donations in 4 easy steps: 1. Sign up to Helpen 2. Download the Helpen app for Slack when you sign up (your teammates will not be alerted that you added Helpen to Slack) 3. Select your nonprofits and donate once with the link we email you after you sign up 4. When you're ready to start your Helpen campaign (usually done at an all hands), pick the Slack channel you'd like to engage and type "/helpen". Employees in that channel will all receive a DM from Helpen. That's it! And if ever in doubt, go ahead and book a demo and we'd be happy to show you how easy Helpen is.

What if we already have a matching program?

Awesome! Helpen is a compliment to those existing matching programs. We offer a plug and play solution that does not require any subscriptions or commitments. There's no worries about switching costs or having to justify a new year long commitment. No new platforms or logins. Helpen is there to help jumpstart what may be a slow or stale matching program and get your teams in the giving mood.

Is Helpen a matching program?

No. Helpen does not match individual donations. You can use Helpen to jumpstart your matching program if you have one by getting your teammates into the giving mood. We believe matching programs are flawed, and the stats (avg engagement of 10% and billions of dollars left on the table) back that up. Helpen was created to have communities to come together around a shared purpose and allow everyone to participate.

How long does a Helpen campaign last?

A Helpen campaign lasts about 4 weeks (default). This means the funds are not allocated to the nonprofits until giving employees ample time to respond. We provide you with communication guidelines to help ensure you maximize engagement. If you'd like to alter the campaign time, we can certainly do that.

What if we have existing nonprofit partnerships?

Perfect! You can request any 501c(3) nonprofit for Helpen's Slack experience. We will do our best to connect with the organization to see if they'd be open to providing impact metrics to help communicate your impact.

Can we give different groups in our company different nonprofit options?

Yes! Helpen has the ability to customize nonprofit selections for different departments while enabling you to still make one easy payment. This functionality is great for multiple Slack channels for ERGs or if different departments like Marketing and Finance wanted to support different causes.

How many nonprofits can we select?

You can select as many nonprofits to support as you like. We deliver 3-5 organizations to each person at one time. Any more than that, it becomes difficult to make decisions, which drastically decreases your chances of employee response and engagement.

Is there a donation minimum?

Yes, the minimum donation is $10,000 for a company. We've noticed increased engagement with the higher the dollar amount.

Are the donations connected to Slack?

No. Payment and donation capabilities are not connected to Slack.

Can employees donate on Helpen?

No. Helpen does not facilitate payments in Slack. Instead, Helpen provides links to each nonprofit, allowing your teammates to learn more and donate right there on their website if they feel compelled to support further.

How long does it take to install Helpen on Slack?

Hardly any time at all. After your donation is received, we send you a link that will immediately connect Helpen to your Slack workspace. We will provide very simple instructions to test so that you can make sure it's working and then you are good to go!

What happens if not everyone responds in Slack?

During the nonprofit selection part of your campaign onboarding, we ask you to select one or more of the organizations that will act as a default nonprofit (you can select them all!). Any amount of money that has not been directed by your team at the end of the campaign will be directed to whichever organization(s) you select. This ensures that every dollar is sent to the nonprofits you've approved.

How do you help us communicate our impact?

Helpen is all about helping you shape and tell your company's story. In order to do that, we provide you with nonprofit organizations that are able to communicate your impact, enabling your teammates to understand just how, together, you're making a difference.