How It Works

Create a culture of generosity in your home

Use tech to upgrade our families and our communities

3 Steps

Postcards delivered weekly

We deliver nonprofit postcards to your door. All you have to do is decide which night of the week to use HELPEN.

Let them pick a cause

At dinner, check out the weekly options and discuss which causes they'd like to support with $1

Enter your choices

Scan the QR code on your card to enter your nonprofit selections. Safe. Fast.

Listen and connect

After hearing your impact on Alexa or Google Assistant, you'll have time to connect with meaningful conversation.

You'll also enjoy HELPEN Snacks

1 minute sound bites from parenting experts delivered to your inbox each week.

Hear a range of perspectives on how to teach generosity, resilience, empathy, and more.

Insights from authors. Teachers. Psychologists. Columnists. Most importantly, parents. Contributors to:


Our business model is built on providing outsized value and not shopping your information


HELPEN was designed to be quick so your family has time to discuss your impact

Giving recaps

Each month, you'll receive an email recapping all the good your family did

Any platform

Amazon Echo. Google Assistant. HELPEN is built to work with the leading brands of smart speakers

Join the waitlist.

Gain early access AND receive an additional 2 weeks free when we launch in the coming weeks.

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No screens

Screens are all consuming. Have your family's most formative moments face to face without distraction.


We do not share any of your personal identifiable information with the nonprofits on our platform, including those you choose to support.

Monthly recap

Empowering kids to make their own decisions is vital to growing independent, thoughtful children. But so is enabling them to see their impact. With each month, you will receive an email recapping all the good your family did.

Any platform

Amazon's Alexa™. Google Assistant™. HELPEN is built to work with the leading brands of smart speakers. Have both Google and Alexa powered devices? Not a problem.

Membership Plan

Includes a 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.
Charity cards delivered by
$7/ mo
Weekly Postcards
Monthly giving recap
*Micro-donations not included
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we paying to donate?

No. HELPEN uses $1 donations, along with parenting content and giving recaps, as tools to help teach generosity.

Until now, teaching compassion and empathy has been left to one-off moments or seasonal giving opportunities. No habits are formed.

HELPEN is designed to let kids make decisions and then hear the consequences of those decisions right away. By working with the nonprofits, we're able to identify metrics that will help family members understand exactly how they're helping.

We studied many educational subscription plans for STEM and other subjects ranging from $25/mo to over $50/mo. Many experts are predicting that empathy and other soft skills will be determinants of success in tomorrow's economy. We created a plan that, even with micro-donations included, is well under other educational alternatives.

If you are looking to donate, we recommend sites like GoFundMe, Spotfund, or Goodnation. No affiliation. Just fans of their platforms.

What ages do you recommend for HELPEN?

Ages 4/5 - 11 are the prime range for HELPEN.

Please note: There are millions of children who may not find smart speakers inviting due to imperfect technology and challenges with speech. From the start, HELPEN is built to include as many families as possible. If your child is able to say their name, they will be able to use HELPEN right away.

Why only three charities per card?

We usually believe we want as many choices as possible. But the truth is, it becomes much more difficult to make decisions after three options. And that's for adults!

The foundation of HELPEN is built on giving kids agency - allowing them to make decisions - and letting them hear the impact of those decisions. Three choices will help us do just that.

If you'd like a different set of options or happened to have lost your card, you can go to the options in the voice experience and ask for one there. We will email a new PDF to you right away.

You can go to your profile and request a new PDF card there as well.