Common Questions

For Nonprofits

Will cards with our nonprofit be distributed nationally?

Yes. To start. We're sending these cards all over the US, so your brand has as good a chance to be seen in New York as it does Oregon. As more nonprofits are added and we develop a system where people can customize, you'll be able to choose whether you'd like participate regionally or nationally.

How do you select the charities?

First, we select nonprofits that are appropriate for kids of all ages. We focus on education, animals, environment, poverty/disadvantaged, and health. We're starting off by establishing a pilot of nonprofits from across the country that have proven they can execute, but more importantly have bought in to HELPEN's mission of shaping the next generation into the leaders we need. Because of our structure, the nonprofit must agree to connect with our platform.

The foundation of HELPEN is about giving kids agency and the ability to make decisions. Equally as important is that they hear the impact of those decisions. Nonprofits are required to give a dollar metric so that impact is better understood.

We hope to continue to grow the nonprofit pool substantially as we move forward and include as many diverse causes and organizations as we can.

How do you vet nonprofits?

Trust is what our foundation is built on. In order to maintain that, significant checks will be made to insure that all charities are registered 501(c)(3) organizations. We will be using several ratings agencies including, but not limited to, Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GiveWell to ensure that the operations are legit. Additional key metrics like full time employees, annual revenue, and achievable goals will play a role in validating nonprofits. Follow up checks will be made to make sure donations are going to exactly what was promised.

Why are there only three charities per card?

While we decided each card should only contain three charities to facilitate quicker decision making for the families, we had the nonprofits in mind as well. Not only would four or more choices make it more difficult for kids, we believe three is the best with regards to the attention your brand receives. Additionally, it eventually allows us to generate relative data and provide insight that you've never had before.

Do we get donor contact information?

No. Unfortunately with families potentially supporting over 100 charities during the year on HELPEN, and many nonprofits sending upwards of 40 emails per donor, it just isn't possible to send contact information.

We're aware that you depend on donor information for your operation. As usage increases, we'll be able to provide you with data that highlights interest across the country and compliments your existing fundraising efforts.

How do we thank our donors?

We understand that thanking your donors is imperative to establishing a continuing relationship, and that's why we are going further than just an auto-filled email or direct mailing. Empowering the youth to make decisions is part of the foundation of HELPEN, yet enabling them to hear their impact is equally important. In an effort to provide nonprofits increased engagement and to reinforce the family's impact, you will be able to deliver audible 'Thank you' messages directly to the families at the end of each month.

Does HELPEN store our payment information?

HELPEN uses Stripe, a payment platform that securely stores your payment information. We do not have access to your payment details.

Who pays the transaction fees?

HELPEN covers all transaction fees. Each $1 will go in full to your cause.

Can donors change the amount of the micro-donation?

Currently, the default amount is set to $1. In the future we may enable higher donations per giver.

When do we receive the donations?

The donations at the end of each month for the nonprofit to collect.

Does HELPEN control the donations?

We use Stripe as our payment provider. So when a family gives, the platform handles the routing of their choices. We do not interfere with where the money goes.