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Put your organization in front of potential corporate partners at no cost to you

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A new path

Helpen lets employees direct corporate donations to pre-approved nonprofits, right in Slack. For organizations like yours, Helpen is a new way for your efforts to be seen and supported by companies and their teams.

Increase your
chances of support

"We're very focused on building our corporate partnerships. I really like the idea of Helpen putting Code Platoon in front of people and social impact teams we've never reached before."

Alicia B. - Director of Partnerships

Imagine having countless corporate partnerships without all the work. Now you can.


Streamlined partnerships

Helpen is the bridge to faster corporate support with much lower lift.

Update anytime

Campaigns and needs are constantly changing. You can always update your information and goals.

Amplify your brand

Helpen delivers you to CSR and social impact teams that you may have never reached.

What our partners say

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Helpen for families

Helpen's impact goes beyond connecting nonprofits to companies. Helpen also offers families a free giving experience aimed at shaping today's youth into a generation of helpers.

For organizations that opt-in, and are appropriate for kids, Helpen will include you in the supply of charities that are provided to families. Learn more about the Helpen family experience here.

Extend your reach

Amplify your reach beyond your normal demographics. Improve your brand awareness by diversifying your marketing channels and go to where employees come together.

Win with more helpers

Whether at the dinner table or in front of hundreds of employees, Helpen is a channel to reach more eyes... and hearts.

Play the long game

Plant the seeds that could pay off for years to come. Build the pipeline of future supporters through a new form of engagement with multiple generations.

Showcase your brand

You've worked hard on your brand. We're not here to compromise that. We created Helpen to be timeless in design and transparent in approach. Our foundation is built on trust and in order to maintain that, we give you control.

You control

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