We have


until 2030

to reduce emissions by 50%

to end hunger

to alleviate poverty

Our Vision

Closing a $3 trillion funding gap

We’re approaching an inflection point.

Where incredible amounts of capital and innovation are colliding with a demanding level of urgency.

We see a world where new tech leverages billions to unlock trillions. Where capital from public, private, and philanthropic sectors come together to close a $3 trillion funding gap.

Achieve net zero. Alleviate poverty.

By building the infrastructure to amplify billions to help mobilize trillions, Helpen is providing the foundation that climate finance needs.

In our future, Helpen increases community investment 10x.

We can’t afford not to.

About Us

It's in our DNA

70 years ago, my grandfather moved his family to Nepal and Shimla, India to help lead community development efforts for what would become USAID. There, he built infrastructure projects and taught village leaders new farming techniques to leverage their agriculture in hopes of lifting their communities out of poverty.

Strengthening communities is a proud pillar in my family’s identity and one that the rest of Helpen can relate to.

50% of our team are first generation Americans. Their families come from LMICs like the Philippines and India. They know exactly what the SDGs aim to accomplish.
We’re experienced helpers, passionate about leveraging tech to drive capital into the most vulnerable communities. We’ve got strong backgrounds in capital markets, community investment, and building unique products.

And we couldn't be more excited for the opportunity ahead.

- Craig Sanders, Founder


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