The place-based nonprofit search engine.
Discover which organizations are transforming communities.
FEATURING is a place-based nonprofit search engine for companies and foundations to discover organizations that are transforming specific communities.

Location of impact

Search locations to find out which organizations are supporting those communities.


Search Sustainable Development Goals. Discover which nonprofits in communities are aligning with your goals.


Find nonprofits in specific communities within certain income ranges.

Volunteer Opportunities

Save a ton of time by identifying which nonprofits have volunteer opportunities.

Everyone wins

Delivering information that benefits the entire ecosystem


For companies and foundations, is now a required part of your toolkit to discover which nonprofits are transforming communities.

Nonprofits is a new channel to showcase companies and other funders where you're making a difference.


By nonprofits communicating exactly where they're making a difference, we can increase the chances of driving funds to specific communities.

Tools that shape

Helpen is building the road to a brighter future

Tools shaping


Public Beta

A new place-based nonprofit search engine. Discover which nonprofits are transforming communities.
For: Companies, Foundations, Advisors, Consultants
Coming Soon

climate and SDG philanthropy

Amplify fundings. Gain new insights. Save our planet.  
For: Companies, Foundations, Advisors, Consultants, Governments

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the future of philanthropy
What is Helpen?
Helpen is a new kind of philanthropic suite, providing tools to transform how companies and foundations invest in communities. is our first tool released to the public.
Why do you focus on location?
We've discovered a big need for funders around identifying nonprofits that are doing important work in certain locations. We have a firm belief that charities that can communicate how and where they're making a difference will thrive going forward.
Do you rate nonprofits?
We do not. Upon registration, nonprofits provide us with their ratings from organizations like GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and We are focused identifying organizations lifting up specific communities and matching them with certain criteria that searchers are seeking.
Are there requirements for nonprofits to be on the map?
Yes. Every organization on Helpen must be a registered 501(c)(3) and meet several other requirements. You can learn more about them here.
How do I sign up my nonprofit?
To sign up your nonprofit for, read the requirements of organizations and register here.
How much does cost?
Helpen is a freemium model.  For nonprofits it's free.