FAQ for nonprofits

How does a company select nonprofits?

When companies set up a Helpen campaign, we provide them with a list of nonprofit partners. They usually select anywhere from 3-5 organizations to support. Some are Helpen partners while others are not. There are many different variables that go into who they choose and over time we'll be sure to provide insights to our nonprofits.

Does Helpen facilitate other types of support besides financial donations?

Yes, we provide companies with non-financial requests from our nonprofit parters as well. If you have requests for in-kind support, hiring needs, or skilled volunteering, we'd love to communicate that to companies on your behalf.

Who pays the fee for corporate donations?

Helpen charges a distribution fee paid by the company. It is up to the company whether to have that deducted or added on as a tip.

Are we able to connect with our corporate donors?

Yes, we can put you in touch with the organization that supported your cause once they opt in. Our goal is to streamline the nonprofit/corporate partnership and reduce the lift for both parties.

How do you vet nonprofits?

We use several ratings agencies including, but not limited to, Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GiveWell to ensure that the operations are legit. Social media presence as well as additional key metrics like full time employees, annual revenue, and achievable goals will play a role in validating nonprofits.

What if there are certain organizations we cannot accept money from?

During your onboarding, you'll have the opportunity to disclose any types of organizations you cannot receive money from. While we are confident that we will align on corporate donations, we are prepared to make sure your requests are met.

If a company selects us to be highlighted to their employees, are we guaranteed a donation?

No. Helpen never guarantees any amount of donations to the nonprofits. By being selected by an organization, your chances to receive some amount of funding is dramatically increased but never guaranteed.

Can we change our information that we provide?

Absolutely. Nothing is permanent and everything can be changed.

What if we don't want to provide impact metrics?

We're sure you work is important and incredibly meaningful but we will not be able to present you to companies. There is certainly a chance you receive support from Helpen should a company request you. As long as you are a 501c(3) and a company requests you, you can receive funds from Helpen.

What is this family experience?

Just like Warby Parker with glasses or TOMS with shoes, Helpen offers a free giving experience to families in the hopes of shaping the next generation into the helpers of tomorrow. If a family signs up for the Helpen family experience, they'll receive nonprofit postcards each week with 3 organizations they can choose to support with $1. Families will receive age appropriate organizations under the following sectors: Animals, education, environment, poverty/disadvantaged, and health. Helpen's belief is that if you're in the impact business, it's your job to help try and create some yourself.

Who pays the transaction fees in the family giving experience?

For family giving, Helpen covers all transaction fees. Each $1 will go in full to your cause.

Do we get family donor contact information?

For families, no. Unfortunately with families potentially supporting over 100 charities during the year on Helpen, and many nonprofits sending upwards of 40 emails per donor, it just isn't possible to send contact information. We're aware that you depend on donor information for your operation. As usage increases, we'll be able to provide you with data that highlights interest across the country and compliments your existing fundraising efforts.

Why are there only three charities per postcard?

While we decided each card should only contain three charities to facilitate quicker decision making for the families, we had the nonprofits in mind as well. Not only would four or more choices make it more difficult for kids to choose, we believe three is the best with regards to the attention your brand receives.

How do you select the charities for families?

First, we select nonprofits that are appropriate for kids of all ages. We focus on education, animals, environment, poverty/disadvantaged, and health. We're starting off by establishing a supply of nonprofits from across the country that have proven they can execute, but more importantly have bought in to Helpen's mission of shaping the next generation into the leaders we need. ‍ The foundation of Helpen is about giving kids agency and the ability to make decisions. Equally as important is that they understand the impact of those decisions. Nonprofits are required to give a dollar metric so that impact is better understood. We hope to continue to grow the nonprofit pool substantially as we move forward and include as many diverse causes and organizations as we can.

Will postcards cards with our nonprofit be distributed nationally?

If you'd like yes. If you want to keep your organization to a certain region, we can adhere to those requests as well.