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3 things to know

Time is valuable. For you. And for us. We want to make sure you're ok with a couple things before we move forward.


Nonprofits connect to our Stripe platform

We simply redirect funds to your Stripe account. Funds are paid out at the end of each month.


Every nonprofit provides a metric

It's important for helpers to understand a finite goal or outcome


We cannot provide personal contact information

We know how valuable it is but a family could support over 100 nonprofits a year

Generic nonprofit requirements
  • Must be a registered 501(c)(3)
    Must fall into one of the buckets: Animals, Education, Environment, Health, or Poverty/Disadvantaged
    Must be appropriate for families
    Must have an established website and social media presence
    Must have an established online record of executing your mission
    We will use additional discretion and screening tools including, but not limited to, Guidestar, Charity Navigator, GiveWell