A New
Marketing Channel
For Nonprofits

We deliver your name right to the dinner table. For free.

Why use HELPEN?

The giving landscape is changing as more options are introduced, philanthropic tastes evolve and uncertainty in financial markets reign. Use HELPEN to diversify your marketing strategy and revenue streams.

Your mission is seen. And heard.

When you join HELPEN, your organization will be delivered to homes across the country by postcard. If selected, the family will not only hear your name, but your incredible impact. Right at dinner.

"One of RxART's biggest challenges is reaching new audiences and donors to keep our projects expanding throughout North America. We are honored to be an early charitable partner featured on HELPEN, helping RxART’s name and mission be something more and more families learn about and support.”

Megan Skidmore - Director of Development, RxART

HELPEN in 3 Steps


Let us know about you and your cause by filling out our form.


Once approved, we'll contact you to set up a 15 minute call to give you the next steps and answer any questions.


Finally, you'll upload assets (photos, copy, metrics) while we create your audio files. And that's it.

Challenges Abound

"Giving by individuals declined in 2018, comprising less than 70% of overall giving for the first time in at least 50 years."


Standard Deduction

"Studies estimated that approx 30 million households would stop itemizing in response to the new tax policy."

Market Volatility

The current economic and health climate will give anxiety to any market participant, even your most loyal donors.

Giving Options

Increasing interest in impact investing and DAFs, mixed with decreasing attention spans provide a challenging environment for any fundraiser.

Play The Long Game

This isn't about big checks or fancy galas. And that's the point. We believe that 1,000 kids giving $1 is exponentially more powerful than one adult giving $1,000. It's time to measure differently, develop new strategies and learn to adapt in an ever changing market.

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Unique Opportunity

Accelerate Your Impact

Accelerate the completion of goals by communicating your mission and the impact that each family member can have.

Diversify Your Strategy

Improve the abysmal prospecting campaigns by diversifying your approach. Plant the seeds that could pay off for years to come.

Extend Your Reach

Amplify your reach beyond your normal demographic. Build the pipeline of future supporters through a new form of engagement with multiple generations.

Your Brand

You've worked hard on your brand. We're not here to compromise that. We created HELPEN to be timeless in design and transparent in approach. Our foundation is built on trust and in order to maintain that, we give you control.


  • Image/Logo
  • Copy (Written/Spoken)
  • Benefit Metric (Goal or Unit)


What is HELPEN?

HELPEN empowers a new generation to become givers. They speak into existence a foundation of empathy that is strengthened by the exposure to the nonprofits on this platform. Together, a hope is born that some of the challenges present today, no longer exist tomorrow.

Why micro-donations?

Our goal is to create an environment that allows kids the chance to experience giving and develop their emotional intelligence. By using $1 increments and smart speakers, we can provide that opportunity and minimize risk for our platform while the technology continues to improve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get donor contact information?

No. Unfortunately with families potentially supporting over 100 charities during the year on HELPEN, and many nonprofits sending upwards of 40 emails per donor, it just isn't possible to send contact information.

We're aware that you depend on donor information for your operation. As usage increases, we'll be able to provide you with data that highlights interest across the country and compliments your existing fundraising efforts.

What does HELPEN cost the nonprofit?

Nothing. It is free. The cost per dollar raised is zero!

What information does the donor receive about our organization?

Besides the weekly nonprofit postcards - that have your description, logo/photo and metric - and your audio files, we provide the donor with links to your website through both the giving recap and the monthly recap.

Our goal is to continually engage families with small pieces of information and links so that they can not only remember your information, but also have multiple chances to check out your website.

Ultimately, we hope the engagement with your organization on HELPEN results in greater support away from our platform.

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